Let professionals take care of your cargo. We offer comprehensive solutions and a detailed approach to each task
We offer a full range of services, including freight shipping, logistics, customs clearance, order and certification of goods, warehouses storage, and loading services.

• Get a shipping quote within two hours
• Audit of existing supply chains
• Freight shipping services on a turnkey basis
• We specialize in the transportation of goods to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
• Product certification in Latvia and Estonia

Cost-effective and high-quality range of services


We control each stage of the transportation process.

Air freight service

The fastest way to transport goods over long distances.

Intermodal cargo transportation

Optimal shipping methods. We will take care of all the logistics issues for you.

Railway freight transportation

We transport cargoes both in containers and on open platforms.

Customs clearance

We know how the customs systems work in every country of the world and offer professional customs clearance services.

Sea shipping

We offer door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port shipping options. Bulky and fragile goods can be shipped in separate containers.


We will order the required goods, design the supply chain and control each stage of the delivery process.

Our advantages

Speed. We will find the best way to transport and deliver your goods on time.

Turnkey solutions. We will take care of the entire logistic chain, from ordering the goods to delivering them to the customer. In addition, we will keep you updated on the transportation process.

Flexibility. We adapt to the needs of our customers and are able to offer the optimal solution for any type of freight, including oversized cargo, small batches, fragile and high-value cargoes.

Warranty. We guarantee the safety of your cargo, adherence to deadlines and a fixed price of our services.

About us

DDC Klimat Service and Logistic is an expert in international logistics and customs clearance. We are based in Latvia, which makes us a convenient link between Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Europe. We serve customers all over the world – from Germany to China – by providing high-quality services at affordable prices.

We offer an integrated approach and are able to organize the entire logistics chain, including loading, freight transport, insurance, warehouses storage and customs clearance.

For You

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. We design a fast and cost-effective supply chain for each of our customers.

Our experts are always in touch with shippers and consignees to control each stage of the delivery process.


Speed ​​has always been our motto. Many promise. We do.


We are developing in accordance with the needs of customers, and not vice versa.


Tracking shipment, individually for each client. From order to delivery - entrust all this to us.















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